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I don't like caps. I do understand that they MAY be needed in some areas. I support this if the resource can not support the pressure. I do not support caps due to residents hunters feeling like less pressure improves their experience. It is hard for me to believe that the Pheasant and Geese populations can not stand the hunting pressure. Ducks may be different.

I see this issue of caps as generating a lot of bifurcating of those with outdoor interests. I believe what "WE" could get done and that would be beneficial to "ALL" our interests is focusing on habit improvements and securing public access. Good habitat and good public access will reduce the perceived need of many nonresidents to use guides or leases.

If we split the interests into urban and rural or resident and nonresident we will spend more time fighting then getting things accomplished.

I would love to see more zoning to spread out pressure without reducing the opportunities to raise revenues and for people to have the outdoors experiences.

I would love to see increase in fees. These fees can be tied directly to securing increased habitat and access.

Capping the number of days a nonresident can hunt pheasants does VERY little to improve anything. I would rather see upland game stamps that are valid for short periods. So that way the guy that wants to come from out of state and hunt for 7 days in October and then come back for another 7 days n November can and the Game and Fish people can have a little extra revenues from his effort.

I would love to see a plan that will engage business interests, agricultural interests, and sportsmen's (both residents and nonresidents) interests. I think that a plan that focused on raising revenues and habitat and access would be supported by the majority of these entities. If approaches are taken that pulls these interests apart now … may never be to pull them together again and lose this opportunity.

Just an opinion.
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