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caps for the Nodak members

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Hey Chris, we should make up some Nodak outdoors caps. I don't know who is who when I am out and about . It would be nice to put a name with a face and get some advertising for this site. I can put you in contact with some friends of mine who can do some really nice embroidered caps or you could contact someone else if you know somebody who does this kind of work. We could pre-pay for them before you order so your not left with the hassle of collecting later. E-mail me if your interested.
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Yeah, I'd definitely sport a Nodak Cap! One reccomendation though, I'd rather pay $20 for a nice hat that I'll actually wear than $10 for a cheap one that will probably end up just sitting in my closet. If you're going to do it, go all out and get some nice quality one's.

It was kinda funny...I opened this thread thinking it was about a "Cap" on licenses or something. :D
I'm not sure the Govenor will allow this :roll: But he may be a Lame Duck anyway :-? :wink:
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