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Ilhan Omar a US House Rep from Minnesota who has:

1. Called for dismantling the Police in Minneapolis
2. Called for defunding police in MN and nation wide
3. Called police a "cancer on society"

Is now "blaming police" for not doing their jobs and the rise in crime in Minneapolis.

(18) Mike Berg on Twitter: "Ilhan Omar accuses police of not fulfilling their oath of office and blames them for the rise in violent crime in Minneapolis." / Twitter

People.... what do you think would happen when you dehumanize a job. You get people who are now not caring... or the good ones quit.

Yes... Democrats look at what your way left nut jobs are saying. Look how the rest followed suit just to defeat Trump. Many many Dem's called for defunding police. Pelosi, Schummer, etc all said those words themselves. Now they want to blame them for not doing the job... when they have been ordered to stand down, ordered not to go after certain things, in CA you can steal over $1000 and not get criminally charged from stores.... you dont think the criminals know this stuff and will exploit it.

Again... I know many of the Dem's that used to post on this site never wanted to "defund" police. But this is the party you chose to be inline with has become. All political parties need to swing back towards center if we want to keep surviving in this world as a world power.

Like I have said for years.... No matter what political party you align yourself with... YOU ARE IN THE MINORITY OF THIS COUNTRY AND THE VIEWS. So only voting one way is wrong.

The very sad part about all of this is look how the media and other political leaders are attacking two Senators over the "infrastructure" bill. Then look at what is happening.... the Dem's are talking to those two behind closed doors.... Not trying to meet in the middle with any Republicans... just those two dems. Is that how this should work??? Only trying to negotiate with your own party not the other??? The same can be said with republicans...they do the same thing. Is that really good for the "whole usa".... NOPE!!! You should be trying to work with the other party. This is the sad state of our political system.

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I watched Omar's soeach tonight on Newsmax. It's as if she is playing the old game " heads I win tails you lose". The police are simply demonized to appeal to the rioters. Evidently she thinks a majority of her constituents are looters. If they had a brain they would understand her speach reveals what she thinks of them.

All political parties need to swing back towards center
That may have been true years ago, but currently the center is way way left. It has moved to the extreme left in the past three years. Three more years and we will be just like Venezuela.

I'll bet the threats those two senators are getting would make us cringe.
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