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canada goose flute

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From browsing the forum it looks like most of you guys blow short reeds. Is there any of you who solely blow a goose flute?

Any suggestions as to which one? I cant figure out a short reed but can blow a flute.

Thanks guys.
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First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Josh Neuwiller's wife and I was browsing around on the net and came across the posts about him on this forum. (It's nice to read nice things from time to time - if any of you know anything about the goose calling contest circuit, there's a whole lotta bad mouthing!) Anyway, the Eastern Shoreman is a very unique goose call. It's definitely not a short reed call, although the guts are similar to those of an Eastern Shorty. Sean also does not consider this a "flute" call although many people have labeled it as one. Josh would never tell anyone he blows a flute call - he always says he blows an "Eastern Shoreman." I hunt a lot (although we're expecting a child this fall so won't be hunting too much this year) so I definitely know what I'm talking about when I say that the Eastern Shoreman, to me, is the goosiest sounding call on the market today. I also have a degree in biology and know quite a bit about wildlife biology. We live in Maryland, and I myself blow an Eastern Shoreman. It's really easy to learn and sounds so realistic. When we hunt, Josh usually alternates between an Eastern Shoreman and a Shorty to create different sounds depending on whats working for us that day. The Shorty can be a little intimidating to learn. Not to mention the fact that every (and I can definitely vouch for this!) Sean Mann call, whether it is the $200 Cocobola Eastern Shoreman or the $60 Express, is hand tuned by either Josh or Sean. (Trust me - I've sat in the shop with the two of them on many nights and listened for hours to the sounds of tuning goose calls.) Anyway, just thought I'd input my ideas about short reed calls, flutes, and Eastern Shoremans.
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Well, Josh did win 6 world championship titles (3 junior and 3 senior- the only person ever to do this), the Avery International, and the Avery Champion of Champions with an Eastern Shoreman. But- I know it's all about personal preference. I'm just saying the Eastern Shoreman has earned a place among World Champion caliber calls.
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