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canada goose flute

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From browsing the forum it looks like most of you guys blow short reeds. Is there any of you who solely blow a goose flute?

Any suggestions as to which one? I cant figure out a short reed but can blow a flute.

Thanks guys.
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Hey, do you guys blow your short reeds the Grounds method (using your tongue to break the air) or the Foiles way (keeping your tongue down)?
Has anyone blown a meatcutter? Is it basically the same thing as an eastern shoreman, a short reed with a flute barrel?
I don't know why you guys are raggin' on the Mann calls...have you ever blown a shorty??? Talk about a sweeet SR! Right up there with any SR on the market, and better than a Foiles IMO...although I do like the Foiles case a lot. ;) I agree with nneuwiller on the shoreman, any call that can win that many championships obviously isn't a shabby call.

Speaking of SR's I've picked up a couple new one's recently. A couple weeks back I got a tiger maple/cocobola Shaman and yesterday I picked up RNT's Kelley Power's signature series SR. I really like the Shaman but am dissapointed in the Power's...for a TG call it's definitely sub-par. I can definitely see why Kelley still blows a super mag in comps.
Hey Austin, I am changing my opinion on the call. At first I didn't like it much but after a little more time on it it's a pretty good call. It takes a lot of air and is tuned pretty stiff, so if you like lighter tuned calls like a Foiles you might not like the RNT. I'd definitely try one out before buying one.
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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