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Can you say the "D" word?

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Who thinks we are in or entering a dry cycle, and why? I wan opinions and observations from where you are at. You may see you name in next month's conservation article
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Yeah were moving that direction. But I'm not sure were in one yet. Up in Alberta it is pretty bad. & to the west & NW it is drier. But the Devils Lake region it is almost a welcome relief. The ditches are still pretty full & the pot holes are still mostly there - maay have dropped a little ? How all this water has effected the vegetation has been interesting & will continue to be. With the rise, it was getting wiped out. Then with a little stabilzation it starts right up again. As it retreats will it keep coming back near the water ??? This snow were getting will help some - at least for the temporary pot holes the ducks use to breed. & march & April can produce alot of moisture & it does'nt take much to fill those temp. ones. I say pray for rain in those areas, that really need it. Nature is in control. Heres a link to a simuliar post at the Refuge. ... adid=35693

I have good links to see to : ... index.html

say when :smile: ... odmap.html ... SnowCover/ ... lectivity/

I saved some of the best for last

I have another topic (questions) for ya soon.
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