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I finally decided to move into modern times and invest in some FB duck decoys. I thought I'd add 1/2 dozen to my spread to enhance the realism so I called Cabela's in EGF before I made the trip. They confirmed they had them in stock so off I went. I decide to stop at home of Economy before Cabela's and what do you know the had 2 boxes of GHG feeders marked down to $79.99 closeout, reg $84.99 ($99.99 at Cabela's). The story should have ended there but I really didn't want all feeders and I had a revelation. Cabela's price matches AND I had a certificate for a gift card which had to be activated no later than today. A quick run to Cabela's and I walked out with 6 GHG feeders, 6 GHG actives, some shooting supplies , a $50 gift card and some points on my Cabela's credit card. I figure the second 1/2 dozen only cost me about $15-$20. My only regret is that I couldn't swing another dozen.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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