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How many Fargo guys ever drive to Cabela's in EGF, I don't think very many. Get the cabela's catalog and Scheels will match any price they have. If anyone has been to Sioux Falls lately they may have seen the new Scheels store going up....the New Fargo Store will be bigger. It looks to be fantastic. The Grand Forks/EGF people will be coming to Fargo over the Cabelas store.

Was 7,000,000 given by EGF enough, I don't think so. In fact in my opinion it was a terrible mistake. Take a look at Scheels in Fargo on a Friday afternoon during hunting season. It seems they pull all Residents and NR in to stock up on supplies. I'm sure a NC or Florida hunter isn't going to make 160 mile detour to go to Cabelas.

I don't work for Scheels but you just can't get better products and services for the money. Keep the money local. In fact I'm sure the Nodak Outdoors web site will benefit from Scheels advertising in the future.....just a guess.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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