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Build your own photo album

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I built a new feature into the forum that I think is pretty cool, and that I haven't seen anywhere else. Anyone registered through this forum can create your own photo album, and it's pretty easy.

First, you create your own album OR you can post your pictures to the public fishing or hunting albums.

2nd, click on "new photo" and it will pop up a screen where you can add a photo from your computer's hardrive, floppy disk or CD. It will only take JPG or PNG file formats, and the photo must be smaller than 800 pixels.

--after you add the photo you can also type in a description of the photo.

The result will be a picture thumbnail (not always the best quality due to extreme shrinkage), and when you click on the thumbnail photo it will open up the full size, original photo (same quality as original).

--if you want to change the description of a photo, simply edit it without adding a new photo and it will keep the existing one

Please don't add anything of poor taste. :wink: I will add more options and goodies as time progresses.

The new photo album is located here:

If you have any questions or problems, please post them on this thread. I'm out of town right now on business, but will try to check up at the end of the day.

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