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Black, but not admired by the left

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To quote a left media star "Obama gave him chills up his leg". Biden said he was clean and well spoken, or something like that. I like this guy, but I suppose even though he is black it still is racist to like him.
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Yep.... you "ain't" black unless you vote for Biden.... LOL

There are alot of this double standard racism going on when some people talk. There are many black conservatives and mexican conservatives. Why else do you think they push that every republican is "racist" nonsense. Or scream NAZI..... because they know when you use those words people will 1. back down 2. Shut up and stop commenting or pushing your point of view or 3. It makes people automatically stop listening to you because they dont want to be called these names.

In a thread this week I talked about how Karl Marx said two ways to control the people is info/media and other is central banking. Well we know about the media and what not.

Look at this article and what some Dem's want to have happen...

Elizabeth Warren wants your credit card company to report you to the government (

Democratic lawmakers including Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Dianne Feinstein just sent a letter to the CEO of American Express pressuring the company to start monitoring gun purchases. They essentially want the credit card company to create a special category for gun purchases — right now they’re categorized as “miscellaneous retail stores” — and use that information to report people to the police.
They say it "could" help with investigation of mass shootings or stop them. HOW CAN THAT HELP? How about they monitor all the social media account. I think out of the past 10 or so "mass" shooters all of them posted on social media before they did it. There were RED FLAGS on social media. How about the people who have been "live streaming" there crimes.

Of course they dont want to go after social media because well... like I stated above... they already "control" most of what gets said on conservative view points get squashed and anyone who talked about COVID not the way the Gov wanted it to be talked about was censored and what not.

Also do you think getting CC companies to report gun purchases... couldn't that lead to other purchases being reported in the future??? What is next... Ammo purchases?

But yeah.... Fascists are the republicans.

As commenters quickly pointed out in response to Warren, this proposed scheme of private financial tracking and collusion with the government sure seems fascist.
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I'll go back to cash and a local debit card if that happens. I put about $40K a year on my Discover, but I have no problem makeing that $00.00
Of I agree 100%.

But like I mentioned... funny how they are trying to make laws to actually be FASCISTS.
The View host Sunny Hostin launches racist tirade against Nikki Haley (

Dont know where to put this but shows you hypocrisy in the media and also how they are actual the racists.

This article is about "the views" host Sunny going after Nikki Haley (Gov of SD). She goes into a rant about how Haley is a "race" denier and what not. Haley is Native American. Her first name is Nimrata but goes by her middle name Nikki. So Sunny went off on her "denying" her background and trying to be "white". Now if a conservative news host said this they would be fired or there would be an up roar. Yet she got away with it. BTW... Sunny's real name is Asuncion... but she goes by Sunny. Let this sink in... she is going off on someone using a different name yet she does the same thing.

Yeah.. this is why the MEDIA is a joke.
Not that it makes any difference but Nikki Haley is East Indian not a native American Indian,
But you would think she would play that card up...if she was a Democrat LOL
Canuck... I also apologize... She is an Indian American... I took it as Native American....

But you do see the hypocrisy going on here I hope.
'The View' co-host Sunny Hostin attacks Latino Republicans for voting 'against their self interest' (

She is at it again....

How is this not racist? You know exactly like when Biden stated "you aint black if you dont vote for me".

I get so upset by the double standard and people can call any republican RACIST when they are not. Yet these same people get away with doing things like above...

It is so upside down. And they wonder why republicans are starting to get angry. FOR 6+ years they have been called racist, homophobic, stupid, uneducated, etc.
This shows the huge hypocrisy out there in the world. RIght now social media is going crazy over a black man wearing this shirt. They are commenting more on Kanye West than of Candance Owens.

Remember it was bad to say "all lives matter". Or you were called "racist" for saying All lives matter.


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So Kanye West did an interview with Tucker Carlson. It was an all over interview with him going on different tangets and what not.

But today of course the media is calling him RACIST.

If you watch the interview he talks about how we are a godless society. How people are getting pushed by media and other to do things that dont make sense. Talking about the hypocrisy in much of the world... etc.

Here is an example he gave. His Ex-wife Kim Kardasian. He said she is getting pushed by management, her mom, and others to be half naked or naked most of the time to "make" money or be influencial. She is a mother of 4 and 41 years old. She is a huge media mogul, already an influencer and is worth millions if not billions. Her and her "brand". She really doesn't need to do a damn thing. But is getting pushed to stay in the spot light and what not.

Again we all know she got her break because of her body and sex tape. But now she can just ride off into the sunset and still be worth millions and still influence others with out being sexualized. It is a point he was making. Yet falling on deaf ears with the other media outlets.

He also talked about how more black babies are aborted in NYC than are actually given birth too.

Like him or hate him. It was a good interview. I will say he was all over the place but he made good and valid points.

I have never been a "fan" of him at all. I still dont think after this interview I will become one. But he was honest and gave good points about many things.
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