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Bills Voted ON This Week

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Is this how the system works?Each bill will get a recommendation from the Nat. Res. Committee before it is voted on by the whole chamber.I went to the GNF site and it appears that the only bills that have recommendations are HB 1196,1311,and 1380.Does that mean they will be the only ones voted on this week since the committee doesn't meet until Thurs.?I don't know how accurrate the GNF site is though.
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Dick...I'm not talking about the ones that will be heard this week,I'm talking about the ones that have recieved committee recomendations and will be voted on by the Senate or House.The bills you mention will be heard in committee this week.
I did some more searching on the United Sportsman Page.They say that HB 1223 has been amended to take out the opening of pheasant season the week after duck.But it still says the first 7 days would be res. only on GNF land.It recieved a 9-2 DP
HB 1380 was also amended with a 11-1 DP
1391 was amended with a 11-1 DP
These will probably be voted on this week.
Anyone have any more info?
Dick...the bill no longer says anything about when the season opens.There are no bills from the Nat. Res. Committee on either the Senate or House calander today. the question I would have is that if I go to the legislative site and a bill no longer says what it did originally,does that mean it was amended into the present form?
As I said above,1223 will be voted on soon as the recommendation has been made.The original bill had the season opening the week after waterfowl.The bill now does not have that in it.The only thing left is that GNF land is open to res. only the first week.I would guess we would ask our Reps to vote yes for this.
The following bills will be voted on in the House tomorrow with a Do Pass recommendation:1049,1145,1216,1223,1343,1378,1380,and 1391
Also tomorrow these with Do Not Pass:1147 and 1311.
Dan...yes it all depends on how much time it takes for debate and when they get started.I would think they will all be voted on sometime this week. to
Then click on Bills and left
Then on Bills and Resolutions again...left side
Then Daily Calendar...left side.
Then House or Senate.

My Rep. has told me the subcommittee is looking at amendments for the big one 1358...the Nelson Plan.I would guess they will talk about them when they meet this week.I would suggest we contact them and ask that the 10,000 numbers be based on the HPC and that there bw zones put in the bill.
Sorry...your right, 1307 is the Nelson Plan.
Ringbill..some of those suggestions are being discussed as amendments.I think you will see seperate licenses.It looks like each will cost $100,same as in SD.Some amendments I've heard about are to use 1307 [Nelson Plan] and put in zones.The days would be 10,10,10 with the number of licenses based on HPC with the Governor allowwed to adjust by say 10-15%.I haven't seen anything about a preference system.That would be like our current deer licenses.I didn't get my first choice last year so my name would be put in 3 times this coming year.Each year you don't succeed,you get more chances.
I am also not in favor of zones...let them go where they want.This was the biggest complaint last year from the non-res. I talked to,especially when the GNF made zone 3 a seperate zone that had to be applied for.
I'm also not in favor of the 10-10-10.I would rather keep the days we have now.a 14 day or two 7 days periods.
Therefor,I would rather see 2048 than a changed 1307.
HB1465,the commission bill, recieved a 9-1 DNP recommendation from the committee.Also HB 1448,requireing non-res. to put land descriptions on their license recieved a 10-2 DNP recommendation.
No...there is 3.Up until this year non-res. would choose 1 or 2 and both could hunt in 3.
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