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Bills Voted ON This Week

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Is this how the system works?Each bill will get a recommendation from the Nat. Res. Committee before it is voted on by the whole chamber.I went to the GNF site and it appears that the only bills that have recommendations are HB 1196,1311,and 1380.Does that mean they will be the only ones voted on this week since the committee doesn't meet until Thurs.?I don't know how accurrate the GNF site is though.
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NO, that site is not updated. HB-1465, 1453, and 1448---SB-2230, 2273, 2263, 2382, 2215, 2322, and 2283 are this week.
KW, sorry for the missinterpitation. How are these ammended?
there is a god!
rap is right, there is no early upland opener in this HB-1223. HB-1501 looks like another sweetheart bill. If you move a hunting shack next to PLOTS, the public would be prohibited from hunting within 1/4 mile of that shack.??????Looks like DO NOT PASS.
Guys, you're right on 1501. It excludes PLOTS, etc.
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