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I know, I know, it's trivial, but I noticed that some place great importance on these things so in all fairness I thought I should alert those folks. After all Biden could die and leave Obama with zero international policy experience.
To tell the truth I seen the headline and clicked on it quickly. I thought it was going to say they did a scan and found no brain. :D I was expecting a joke, not something serious.

No brain scans in released Biden medical records
Vice presidential candidate had brain surgery in 1988 to repair 2 aneurysms
Tribune staff report
October 21, 2008
Newly released medical records from vice presidential candidate Joe Biden do not include the results of any recent brain scans, which some experts consider necessary to assess whether the senator is at risk for a repeat of the brain aneurysms that nearly killed him 20 years ago.

Biden's most recent physical exam in July showed him to be in good health, according to a letter from Dr. John Eisold that the campaign released Monday. The letter from Eisold, who is the attending physician for Congress, described Biden's cardiac capacity as excellent.

But the 49 pages of records the campaign released gave no indication that Biden's doctors sought follow-up tests after the serious aneurysms he suffered in 1988. Medical experts are divided over the need for such precautionary brain scans, but many feel it is the only way to be sure a patient is out of danger.

"If this was my patient, I would re-image every three to five years to make sure no new aneurysm had cropped up," said Dr. Mark Alberts, a professor of neurology at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine.
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