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had a good redbone (still have him but hes retired"), is a silent tracker, while its nice to here your dog trailing its a great plus w/ a silent tracker before the **** knows whats going on and have time to run in a hole its too late, plus back in Wi I hunted in areas w/ a fair amount of houses so not having one that screams all the time was better for me because some people get a little worked up over that (then theres the guys that are crazy and worry about their deer like your dog is going to scare them to the next state, lol whole another story, could be a topic itself), got tons of ***** w/ it, as in a 130 some one yr., Wanted to breed it w/ another redbone my brother-in-law had but it died and got cancer, kind of a shame Im letting the line die, My bro-in-law ran his walker-plot mix w/ it when it was really young and for the longest time it showed no interest and then one nite it just took hold and started barking and following the track, one of the funniest barks ever, I wont forget that nite, it's a decent dog for how young it is, little more field time and I think it will be a great dog- like the other guy said hunt w/ the parents or have a good idea about the blood line, they either got hunting in them or don't it seems
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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