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Benelli M1

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Have been looking along time and have had a hard time deciding on which shotgun to by next for upland hunting.
They are all really nice and a couple I WAS interested in are actually a little bit nicer than the Benelli M1, but i am baseing my decision on how they each fealt, weight , and balance, plus dependability.

I haven't heard much though on the dependability issue about this gun i want and would like some feed back from those that might know something.

I know theres a couple of benelli haters out there, so be cool :lol:

I know theres other shotguns out there that have the same great positives to them, but when I picked this gun up for the first time today, it just fealt right and its about $300 cheaper than the SPB, plus I dont need a 3 1/2" anyway.

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My favorite, nicest shooting Benelli. In fact, the best performing and feeling gun I've ever shot. Awesome gun, top to bottom. Easy to break down. Love the raised rib (some don't). Ironically, I don't shoot it anymore. Since buying it, I've swithced to 20 for upland and use an SBE for waterfowl/turkeys.

They just started making the M1 in a 20 last year, but for some goofy reason, only in camo and black syn - no wood. The day they make a wood m1 20, my 20 Monte goes in trade or in the safe, and I'm back to an M1 for upland.
Now thats what I like to hear.
thanks :D
I bought one 3 years ago.I love it.It is by far the easiest gun to clean.5-10 min in the field and ready to go again.My 2 brothers liked mine so much,they each got one last year also.
I would suggest a 26 in. barrel if you get one.They swing very easy on pheasants and grouse.
As I've quoted here many times before, "Benelli--performance worth the price". :lol: You can't beat it for dependabilty IMO (most of the anit-Benelli guys here feel so because of the problems with the Nova). Also, cleaning is SOOOOOOOOO much easier than a gas operated semi.

You will have to be the judge of the feel and balance of the gun.

I plan on getting an M-1 20 gauge some day. Last night I saw the ad for the M-1 turkey model with the pistol grip--sweet!!
I think you should buy an over and under. for upland game that is. thier the best! :lol:
dere de dere de dere :lol:
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