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Baseball and the possible upcoming strike

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I'm curious who the baseball fans are and how you feel about the possible upcoming strike.....again.

Wouldn't that just be the Twins' luck. :-?

Myself personally, it took me over 4 years to get back into baseball after the '94 strike....if they do it again I think I'll find another sport. I heard that the average baseball salary is now 2.3 million. Wow, and they want more? I think they're shooting themselves in the foot, and a strike will leave scars that will last A LOT longer than the '94 strike.

I don't want to sound like a media rerun, but I'd say my baseball days are done if they strike again. It shows a lot to the fans.

Some people are really steamed, check out
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I love the twins, and I love baseball.
There is one thing I have tried to avoid talking about this summer, and that is the ensuing strike. It pains me to believe that players are so close minded that they dont realize the big picture(like KEN W pointed out). They dont run the business, the owners run the business. One thing needs to be said about the union, they have to ante up to the offer on the table sooner or later. A strike will reduce the fan base to almost nothing. After that happens, no one will show up for games, no money will be generated for the owners, and baseball will be finished.

I will keep watching the twins because they are fun to watch. I also recommend anyone in the FM area to check out the Redhawks, they are also fun to watch. If you do make it to a game, make sure you get a pickled egg from Lauermans, those little devils are great!!
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