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Another great quote from Messy Jesse. There was some stuff I liked about Ventura (his stance on second amendment rights was excellent), but his quotes on hunting were just asinine. I really loved the," You haven't hunted until you've hunted people" quote, that one was great. Especially since Ventura never saw action as a I guess he's never really hunted either.

What upsets me is that so many people think that baiting bears is a sure thing...that all you have to do is throw out some donuts, sit in your stand ten minutes and shoot a bear. Just look at the harvest this year, wasn't it like the lowest since '88 or something. 30,000 hunters shot under 2,000 bears. Pretty high success rate... :roll:

The only way to control the burgeoning population of bears in northern MN is by baiting them. They mention how they aren't allowed to bait bears in other states and they still harvest them...well, most of these states are western states where glassing and stalking works. Glassing for bears in flat, densely forested areas where visibility might be 50 yds doesn't seem to work as well. :roll:

If this bill passes you might as well just make federal land refuges during bear season since that's what they'll end up being.

Just a follow up on this...I recently read in the herald that the success rate last fall in MN was a "Whopping" 13%. Talk about a sure thing. :roll:

That's one of the lowest success rates you're going to see for any type of hunting.
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