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I found this one another site:

Artificial Grass Banned for Goose Hunting By the Pennsylvania Game Commission

August 03, 2003

As hunters continue to explore for new ways to give themselves an edge in pursuing their quarry, ... ... it recently has come to the attention of the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Bureau of Law Enforcement that a new method has developed to hunt geese when snow covers the ground. "Hunters have started using artificial grass, such as 'Astro Turf' or a similar product, on the ground around their hunting areas to entice geese to land near their decoys," said John Shutter, chief of the bureau's enforcement division. "Game Commission regulations specify that artificial bait is unlawful to use in Pennsylvania. Therefore, any product intended to represent grass, the primary food of geese, is unlawful to use because it is artificial bait."
Does anyone work at a wholesale carpet place??

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