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Anyone shot or have a Bajkal 3 1/2 inch ???

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Anyone shot or have a Bajkal 3 1/2 inch Autoloader ??? ... age13.html ... implicity/

I have heard some good things ???

I don't care if it pretty, or where it's made as long as it works - & for the price it could be a keeper ???

Maybe parts would be a concern ??? & a gunsmith if you really needed one ???

Sure seems you guys who shoot autoloaders get to know the gunsmith's more than us pump shooters
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I would be wary of any gun that is cheaper than a Mossberg :lol:
Put the $$ into a Super X2 Fetch ole' Pal, you would never look back.
:sniper: Fetch, I have had the gun for two is a great gun, it has never jammed and I only paid 320 for it. This gun is ten times better than a moseberg...not even comparable..I use it strictly for geese and ducks...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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