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Back when our local storm watchers used the emergency channel nine on the then popular CB radios you could not believe how many idiots got on when we used it. One fellow was reporting a tornado down on the ground and an idiot came on and told him to stay off channel nine because it was for emergencies. In this case it was a private citizen telling a county employee he shouldn't be using an emergency channel to warn people of a tornado. An idiot just like the guy on your 911 post.

However, we have seen most of the nasty tricks like voter fraud coming from the left. I would like that cell phone number checked out myself. How hard is it to leave a message on your phone answering service with any name you want. I don't know how smart or dumb McCains brother Joe is, but he would have to be awfully far down the list to be that stupid. Just sounds a little to stupid to be real. You know? Sounds like a possible prankster to me. Something like what Howard Stern would do.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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