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anyone decoy crows?

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Is there anything to it? Just decoys and a caller? with no snows around any time soon i might give the crows a run. better than not decoying at all.
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I've just gotten into crow hunting. I just bought a few different tapes for the e-call and 4 flambeau crow decoys. Only problem with those decoys is that they're pretty tough to keep in a tree if you have even a little breeze. I was hoping they'd have the attatchments like on carry-lite dove decoys to keep them up there. I think carry-lite makes a crow decoy, anyone have them or seen them? I'm wonder what they're like compared to the flambeaus. Can't wait until the 15 to get out and hunt them. I'll be chasing snows on weekends but it will be fun to make it out during the week after school or work to blast some black devils! :smile:

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