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Anybody seen any swans?

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Would like to try to fill my swan tag--has anybody seen any swans in NoDak lately or did they all go south? Thanks in advance.
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I saw a couple groups flying around on Sunday. I think most have moved out already.
Put on some miles and you should get lucky. Look for big water some open pockets could be holding a few. Maybe around Jamestown?
I saw a small flock just to the west of Jamestown. Not very many. but still some around.
You didn't seem very receptive to my idea of sneaking over the ice to shoot that lone swan that we saw. I told you I found some swans and you didn't even want to shoot them. :lol:

All I needed was a commitment from you that you would slide your skinny butt across the ice to retrieve the bird and I would have been shooting. Thanks for a great hunt anyway--have you found the spot for this weekend? Saw them flying west over Steve's office this morning.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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