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anybody got answers?

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what date does the pheasant season open?
was the resolution to give fish & wildlife $400,000 to kill coyotes left in or
removed from SB 2019, and who sponsered this legislation?
will there still be 3 zones for non-res waterfowel hunters? how many hunters to a zone? do they have to stay in their zone for the 14 days?
why is daily limit still 6, should be 3, with only two mallards as we don't
have half the ducks we had ten years ago.
on HB 1050 what did the fee's and licensing structure for the guides
end up being?

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red, pull up and tap legislative session. The whopping increase for damage control was expanded and I believe another $100,000 was tacked on from the Dept. of Ag under the state vet, for inspection of exotic animals, ie. potbellied pigs, lamas, etc. Just your license money working for what it was intended.

One of the best deals in that appropriations bill was adding three wardens, one just to work outfitters.
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