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Any Wanna give this guy the time of day?

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:******: ... adid=52981 Hes a Californian Snob if ya ask me. Anyone Care to comment over at the 'fuge? :sniper:
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Yes I am Wingstopper on a few forums.And I know my mudslinging didn't help but I had to release a little anger. Not everyone is perfect Dr.Bob. I have seen you do your share of mudslinging, but it is only bad when other people do it ,right?I am not trying to start anything but you are being a little hypocritical.
There are appropriate ways to disagree. Name calling is not one of them.

I asked because I thought the writing style was similar, but the
names different. Plus you and Waders seemed to have a good
understanding of what's going on. Is Waders over here too?

Where are you going back to school this fall?

Mudslinging? That was minor compared to the average over there...
I had barely noticed. On the topic, is Benny still alive on any of these
forums? I know Hooz is gone, but somewhere in cyberland Benny and
Larry are going at each other....

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"The law there says wildlife belongs to all the people of the province."

Wow, funny thing, says the same thing here in ND but we practice it so much differently.

Does it really say that somewhere.How would that be intrepreted by our court system?
I don't know if Waders is over here for sure.I am going to NDSU.
Dr.Bob, whatever, I guess you can't be wrong. :puke:
Wingmaster -

Whatever is right! You just don't get it son and I'm not going to waste any time trying to explain it to you because I still don't think you'd get it!

Maybe if you grow up in another 10 years or so you might understand that people will listen to you much better if you are not yelling and swearing at them!

That is all I have to say on this subject!
Geez, short fuse. I know what you are trying to say. I don't usually react like that. Threads like Kevins just get my really upset. I don't think you know what it feels like to be a ND sportsman with our extremely unique situation and to have to litterally defend yourself on all fronts like we have had to. If it happened to you, you would know what I am talking about. But untill you have been in that position you have no right to talk down to me.Now these words are the last I have to say to you on this subject. :strapped:
Keep in mind Wingmaster that Dr. Bob provides some great insight on the feelings of non. resident hunters. He has been on our side and supported ideas on how to improve hunting in ND. Dr. Bob is a friend to the resident hunter and understands what we are trying to do, and has been a great addition to our site.

I do like your style Wingmaster. I am a couple of years older than you, but I like to see the passion you bring out on these issues. I also like how you don't back down to the guys like Kevin. Keep their heads ringing!!!! :rock:
There's a lot of hotheads on the net, and Kevin is a good example. Kevin really has no logical voice, or a stake in ND whatsoever. He just wanted to get everyone going. He lives in an entirely different universe than we do. We love to make our pasttimes, he likes to buy them. What kind of bothers me is when his negativity comes back here...we don't need it. :beer:

I'd just let this one go guys, we got a lot of big issues coming again REAL SOON that will require some effort out of the sportsmen.

Stay Tuned.
Thanks for the kind words Eric, I really appreciate it.

Yep yer right Chris. We need to stick together and stay focused! I have pointed that out more than once in the past here and other places. Sportsmen have plenty against them from all angles. And I am sure the Anti's just eat this crap up when we quarrel. We should really try to get along with each other as we need all the help we can get.

Is anybody getting fired up yet? Only 8 weeks to go :D - maybe 7 for some :wink: . I am starting to have trouble with sleeping and concentration!!!

I mentioned this unpopular opinion a while back: ... .php?t=154

You can view ND century code here: ... -code.html

A snippet of the relevant part:
20.1-01-03. Ownership and control of wildlife is in the state
The ownership of and title to all wildlife within this state is in the state for the purpose of regulating the enjoyment, use, possession, disposition, and conservation thereof, and for maintaining action for damages as herein provided. (snip) The state has a property interest in all protected wildlife.

I think it's pretty clear, but I ain't a real american either.

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Wow- I hadn't seen the Purdy good people club since the last Century.
Just one more bookmark I had deleted. Is there some master list of waterfowl sites I should know about?
Were you joking about the buddies part?

No Benny & I go way back - While I admidt he is rude - crude & truely a maniac - he is also a PGP :D He & Dr Duck (WuChang) & Arkansas Jack are three people I'd trust & hunt with anytime. There are many more, I hope to meet & hunt with someday.
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