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Any Wanna give this guy the time of day?

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:******: ... adid=52981 Hes a Californian Snob if ya ask me. Anyone Care to comment over at the 'fuge? :sniper:
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Ya, sure, I'll poke at Kevin.
Don't think he's been to ND, but he does like North Battleford SK..... heh heh heh heh

Ken, Fetch:
Are you sure that SASK is like Alberta in that you can't pay for hunting access? That is my belief, but I have no regulation and I've never hunted sask to know for sure.

As for Spencer, he's probaby just a young guy who feels he's being dissed by the resident hunters. His whole ask/respect thing is something we all agree with. He just got caught respresenting the opposite view in a of a conflict of the govna's making. Probably a decent dude down deep.

Is Wingstopper over there, wingmaster here?

I really blame the Govna for all this and I think I have a reasonable theory for why he's doing this. He's building a portfolio so he can land a huge salary in an energy/economic development company when he's done. What else can he do? He wants to be seen/known as a money first kinda guy. He wants to be seen as the guy who will drill in the artic refuges. He wants to be seen as the kinda guy who will put old folks and orphans on the street to make way for a shopping mall. He could care less about the conflict he is causing - he's a money first kinda guy. Have you seen anything that suggests he cares about ethics, scrupples, morals, tradition, heritage, religion or values? It's all about $$.

Reasonable theory?

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I asked because I thought the writing style was similar, but the
names different. Plus you and Waders seemed to have a good
understanding of what's going on. Is Waders over here too?

Where are you going back to school this fall?

Mudslinging? That was minor compared to the average over there...
I had barely noticed. On the topic, is Benny still alive on any of these
forums? I know Hooz is gone, but somewhere in cyberland Benny and
Larry are going at each other....

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"The law there says wildlife belongs to all the people of the province."

Wow, funny thing, says the same thing here in ND but we practice it so much differently.


I mentioned this unpopular opinion a while back: ... .php?t=154

You can view ND century code here: ... -code.html

A snippet of the relevant part:
20.1-01-03. Ownership and control of wildlife is in the state
The ownership of and title to all wildlife within this state is in the state for the purpose of regulating the enjoyment, use, possession, disposition, and conservation thereof, and for maintaining action for damages as herein provided. (snip) The state has a property interest in all protected wildlife.

I think it's pretty clear, but I ain't a real american either.

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Wow- I hadn't seen the Purdy good people club since the last Century.
Just one more bookmark I had deleted. Is there some master list of waterfowl sites I should know about?
Were you joking about the buddies part?

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