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Any Wanna give this guy the time of day?

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:******: ... adid=52981 Hes a Californian Snob if ya ask me. Anyone Care to comment over at the 'fuge? :sniper:
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I've been keeping an eye on it for a couple of days and finally got fed up and had to say something there.

I am getting tired of the subject though and a Jerk from the land of Jerks really makes me want to :puke:

Especially when he has never seen what he is shooting his mouth off about. :******: :******: :******:

Dr. Bob
No S**T...............TT, It's a fine place to be in the Fall. The people are great and I love being there weather the the birds are cooperating or not!

I got my motel reservations months ago, so I suppose I should get my hunting partner over to my house (on line) and get our licenses purchased.

I think there is plenty of time but I probably should'nt gamble with this. :lol:
I was wondering about Wingstopper too?

All that fired up mudslinging sure doesn't help matters :eyeroll: :eyeroll: :eyeroll: .
Chris - Yer clock is funky. It says my last post was at 4:02 on 7/31 but actually it was more like 11pm on 7/30 :wink:
Or Drunks :drunk:

Thanks Chris.
There are appropriate ways to disagree. Name calling is not one of them.
Wingmaster -

Whatever is right! You just don't get it son and I'm not going to waste any time trying to explain it to you because I still don't think you'd get it!

Maybe if you grow up in another 10 years or so you might understand that people will listen to you much better if you are not yelling and swearing at them!

That is all I have to say on this subject!
Thanks for the kind words Eric, I really appreciate it.

Yep yer right Chris. We need to stick together and stay focused! I have pointed that out more than once in the past here and other places. Sportsmen have plenty against them from all angles. And I am sure the Anti's just eat this crap up when we quarrel. We should really try to get along with each other as we need all the help we can get.

Is anybody getting fired up yet? Only 8 weeks to go :D - maybe 7 for some :wink: . I am starting to have trouble with sleeping and concentration!!!
1 - 8 of 35 Posts
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