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Any Wanna give this guy the time of day?

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:******: ... adid=52981 Hes a Californian Snob if ya ask me. Anyone Care to comment over at the 'fuge? :sniper:
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Thanks for the tip - I just got home & might have missed that :D - He really Loves me :roll:
What a Moron :D Uses his real name & has told people he hunts near North Battleford. & amidts he leases land to hunt on up there & has the gall to put us down for trying to regulate NR's & call us names etc. ??? I bet he will be visited by Canadian authorities - as well as his farmer friends. It's not that big of a town or region. & many Residents up there take that stuff serious. What a hypocrite :D
No Benny & I go way back - While I admidt he is rude - crude & truely a maniac - he is also a PGP :D He & Dr Duck (WuChang) & Arkansas Jack are three people I'd trust & hunt with anytime. There are many more, I hope to meet & hunt with someday.
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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