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any other women?

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Not seeing any other women using this site.
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Yeah I am looking forward to gettin out in the boat myself but still quite a bit of ice here. I can't wait for the early season to roll around for canadas. I have been stocking up for it. My dad just picked me up another call at Scheels today. A Big River Lonk Honker. What part of ND are you from?
I have noticed the long honker blows a little bit different than the other big river I have. Both are flutes but they sound different. I guess I am just used to the old one. I do need to practice with it though. If I do it at home I drive my dad and sisters nuts though. It is nice to have geese on the river behind the house to talk to though. lol The only open water we have. Do you do much ice fishing? I went a few times this year-dozen or so but work kinda got in the way. Then we had some funny weather that effected the ice and I didn't trust it enough to drive out there.
I am suppose to be coming out there probably tomorrow to hunt snows. I hope it isn't too cold. They said it should be warm with a chance of snow monday. Good luck on your fishing trip.
Yeah I have been fishing some too. Catchin a few here and a few there but the more I catch the more I gotta clean. Oh well part of fishin'. Gotta go for now
I went trout fishing today and never caught anything either. It has been cool here too.
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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