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There are other women out there, but few and
far between. I've been hunting for 17 years
in North Dakota, and having a great time with
it. I'm originally from the farm and live
in the city, so getting out to hunt has been
great. I start in the fall with bow hunting
for deer and hunt doves, and go all the way
thru november-december for pheasants, what
ever there is available to hunt, depending
on the snow conditions.

I also really enjoy fishing all year round.

We all need some r and r and this is mine.

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On 2002-03-23 22:27, wigoosegirl wrote:
Yeah I am looking forward to gettin out in the boat myself but still quite a bit of ice here. I can't wait for the early season to roll around for canadas. I have been stocking up for it. My dad just picked me up another call at Scheels today. A Big River Lonk Honker. What part of ND are you from?
fargo, nd. and you? I use a long honker also. It takes losts of practice to
even sound half way decent. I sometimes take
my call with me in the boat to practice in
the summer over the water, it sounds great.
I don't do that enough, as when I'm fishing
I'm to busy with that.
We also have lots of ice on the lakes yet. but this week our temp. is suppose to get
alot warmer... it is spring isn't it!!!
Two years ago, we were fishing in our boats
in March. Not this year.

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On 2002-03-24 20:11, wigoosegirl wrote:
I have noticed the long honker blows a little bit different than the other big river I have. Both are flutes but they sound different. I guess I am just used to the old one. I do need to practice with it though. If I do it at home I drive my dad and sisters nuts though. It is nice to have geese on the river behind the house to talk to though. lol The only open water we have. Do you do much ice fishing? I went a few times this year-dozen or so but work kinda got in the way. Then we had some funny weather that effected the ice and I didn't trust it enough to drive out there.
We did some ice fishing, there too, to find all the time I'd like to have, but
did have a great time when we did get out ice
fishing. We're going out this week, we won't
be driving on the ice, but I have a sled style ice house that is awesome,and is easy to pull across the ice, also got some ice
cleats for my bootsthat work great on slippery ice, no falling on the ice for this girl! Going to
try for some big perch in central N.D. and the weather temp. sounds like it'll be above
30, so that will be great, now hope the
sun will also be shining.

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Went out fishing on 3/20/02 and the wind was
blowing out of the n.w. with gusts up
to 35 mph. was it cold. caught just a few
perch, but still had a great time. Some
of my friends were snow goose hunting and
got some last friday, got 16. They are just
starting to come into N.D. now with the snow
and cold temps who knows when they'll be in
except they are forecasting warmer weather
this weekend, they may start to come in alot
more. We've had more snow in April then in
the month of February! We only hope they won't blow all through the state all at once
like they did last year.

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We've been trying our luck at fishing in north dakota, but they haven't started in central N.D. yet. It's been to cold. We
caught one northern and that was it. If we would get some warmer weather, it won't take
long for the big bite to start. We like the
big northerns, I can them and use like tuna
fish, so they are great for that. Tried to
catch some trout also and no luck.
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