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HI am Glenda and from North East Texas. I have just recently in my several years hunting finally found another woman hunting partner. From the begining of Oct (opening bow season) till mid Jan this is what my family and I do as often as we can. I have 3 wonderful daughters ages 9,7,5. I have them out hunting as well.. My 9 and 7 yr old have killed their first Whitetails this year. My 9 year old shot a 6pt and 2doe this year. My 7 yr old was able to get a very nice 8pt this buck would have been perfect but it was during the rut and fighting was heavy. He'd freshly broken one of his front eye guards. The 5 yr old thinks she's ready but not allowed. She does goes and sit in the stands with us preparing her for when she is actually ready and her grandfather takes her jackrabbit hunting.

I have tried several times to take a few of my friends hunting with me. Only to find out it wasn't their choice of sporting. Non-traditional women are far and few inbetween. Most do not like the idea of getting bloody or killing an animal.

I just hope that my girls stick with hunting, fishing, camping when they grow to be the age I am. Its a great family adventure for us. We always come back with wonderful tales and memories to keep for a life time.

My husband feels very lucky to have a wife that does like to hunt. He has heard serveral times from other men "I sure wish my wife would hunt". I've just always felt that if my husband is willing to do things I like to do. Then I should be willing to try what he likes. Sure glad i did.. I Love it!!
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