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Any other COD4 Players for PS3?

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I"m a call of duty 4 junkie. It would be cool to play with some other nodakers so if you have a PS3, and want a fragfest send an invite to me. MS_Contin is my gamer tag. If you can't go hunting or fishing, you might as well work on your hand-eye coordination. It will make you a better shot!

F.Y.I., MS Contin is a morphine pain drug. I get tons of noobs sending me private messages asking if I'm a girl.
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Thats an awesome game. I hope the new one is just as good. Did you download the extra map pack? The Chinatown is so hard to make figures out.
Yes, I downloaded it the day it came out. I think I'm going to reserve a copy of the new game, World at war comming out in Nov. Also, for some reason I've been getting double points for the last 3 days.
i cant stand the new maps...i woudl join you but im an x-boxer

Did you reach the top level and restart over already?
I've gone through every level of prestige. I'm the highest rank (gold Cross) level 55 and can't go any higher. Now I"m working on getting all the gold guns.
Sorry but I'm stuck with and xbox in college right now.. but I am so addicted to it right now. At least duck season is opening up so I can get off that freaking game for awhile.
I play almost everyday but you wont see me during the week because i work nights and play at 4am. But i am on Friday and Sat. nights.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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