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Any Bow Hunters?

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I am just wondering if we have any bow hunters on the site. I personally bow hunt a little bit, but only when it doesn't get in the way of duck and goose hunting. I have always wanted to get more into it if I had more time.

Also, I will be the moderator of this forum so lets keep it clean and we will all get along fine.
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I agree to practice allot! When the time comes,when Mr big decides to walk by youre stand and you start getting a serious case of buck fever(all bow hunters get this from time to time),you want to go into auto pilot.By this I mean,by practicing allot you just pick a spot behind the shoulder just like the target and release like you have done a thousand times before .Shooting religously throughout the year helped me get my first bow buck a few years back.I didnt even get worked up until after the shot.GB3,I have had my best success the first 2 hours and the last 2 hours of the day so sitting for hours on end may be a waste of time.Bow hunting also takes time to get set up right.Pre season scouting and proper stand placement are a must if you want consistent action.This weekend I seen 11 bucks and approximately 30-40 does and fawns while in the stand.The bucks are still rutting which supprised me as well as the numbers.Even with that many deer I still had no shot.Thats just the way bow hunting is sometimes.I love the goose and duck hunting,but man did I miss bowhunting after a month and a half without sitting in the stand.There is just something about having them get so close you can here them breathe.
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