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Any Bass Fisherman out there????

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While I am fishing in MN, that is all I fish for. The last few years I have just become obsessed with largemouth fishin. Anyone else out there as nuts about them as me?
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Can you fish for bass from shore or do you need a (lund super bass master )boat?
My brother in law and his father have been die hard bass fisherman for many years.They get into the tournaments in the area and have done fairly well over the years.They dont fish walleyes unless they are fishing ND or SD.My brother in laws dad has done very well on the walleye tournaments on Sakakawea.Seems like he is allways cashing a check after a tournament.

I too am an avid bass fisherman. We have a place up in the Walker area and fish the little lakes up there every weekend. The bass fishing is great. The shallow slop fishing is limited, you have to be willing to work the deep weedlines. It is fun stuff.
Scaper, that sounds like some fun fishing. I fish lakes around Ottertail to Pelican Rapids. The fishing is awesome, but it seems like there isn't much variety as far as patterns are concerned. In the spring we start with spinnerbaits and jig n pigs in the pads and on the bedding areas, then as the rice begins to mat on the surface we slop fish. The rest of the summer we just pound the bank until we find a pattern. It seems like they never really give you an opportunity to really get into them out deep.
saskcarp, you can fish for bass from ashore. I fish from shores all the time (as long as there is no ice involved hehe) and occasionally I go for bass. Every now and again I get lucky, but where I fish there's a large variety, and so I fish for different species at different times of the day, just depends when I'm out. Like if I'm out around sunrise, then I go for bass. My buddy caught a 16" largemouth at that spot I was describing. Not too shabby and was good eatin' :D
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