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another reason to stop unregulated guides

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Another sleazy trick that I learned from none other than Sheldon Schlect is the day lease concept. It is how he is getting all this land tied up quickly. While scouting fields inbetween Gackle and Kulm and trying to get permission for a cornfield that you could just tell was going to be good when it was harvested. My dad went to talk to the farmer and was informed that as long as birds weren't using the field we were welcome to hunt it, but as soon as birds were in the field it was saved for good ol' Sheldon. He would come and hunt the field after the birds had built up in the field and only pay a daily fee to the landowner. Just another cheap way for an outfitter to tie up a bunch of land.

Just another reason to stay in touch with your elected officals and help regulate this industry. Sheldon Schelect has had major past game violations and still is in the business and even recieved support from Tony Dean who just thought he was peachy not a direct qoute. Phone, e-mail, call, write, encourage your friends and hunting companions to do the same.
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