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PETA Wants Town to Be Called Veggieburg

The Associated Press
Tuesday, April 29, 2003

HAMBURG, Pa. - An animal rights group says it will donate $15,000 worth of vegetarian patties to area schools if officials change the borough's name to Veggieburg.

But town officials say they're not biting.

"I don't care if they offer us $1 million worth of veggie patties or $2 million in cash, I don't think anyone in the community would want to sell their heritage," said Mayor Roy C. DelRosario.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says the name Hamburg conjures up images of slaughtered cows and unhealthy meals.

The offer mirrors one PETA made this week to Hamburg, N.Y. Officials in the Buffalo suburb, which says it is the birthplace of the hamburger, have turned down the offer.

"This campaign is a bit tongue-in-cheek because we don't expect anybody to accept, but the offer is serious," PETA spokesman Joe Haptas said.

Hamburg was incorporated in 1837. Town officials said the borough is named after Hamburg, Germany. The mayor said the idea that people associate the borough with animal abuse is silly.

"We don't have slaughterhouses in town and we don't even have any animal farms," DelRosario said. "Our name is connected to our German history, not hamburgers."

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I heard this on the radio yesterday and all I could think was...."the dumber these stunts they come up with, the better for us". These idiots are shooting themselves in the foot every time we turn around!!!!
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