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This is starting to become scary!! We had another great morning. Chris P., Curt Hill (owner of Gooseview Industries, Farmland Camo), and myself
had an excellent shoot, it's just too bad that Curt couldn't have been pulling the trigger instead of flipping the schutters. We had our 6 birds in about 20 minutes and were out of the field by 8a. While we were getting pictures lined up we had a goose about land on top of us, these birds never cease to amaze me. Curt is going to have some awesome footage!! The last two birds we dropped they were almost in his DESTROYER!!

I'm going to be heading out again tommorrow morning. If there is anyone interested to join myself and Curt send me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do. I'll be checking my mail tonight around 8:30 so get me a number I can reach you on after that.
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