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So, if access the problem here, why is there such a problem giving the landowner a few bucks such a demeaning issue?
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Ace, the reason i dont pay to hunt is mainly because i already pay enough for hunting. DU membership, website memberships, Gas, Shells, Decoys, License, Gun, Calls, Boots, ETC. No hunter is paying to access dirt, they are paying to hunt the birds that we help to build nests for.
alright, giant duck, for one thing, there is no problem with you on teh site if your talking about the issue that this forum is regarding, but when you pull that out of your A$$ and start talkign about everything opposite then there should be a line drawn as to what your intent is on the site. AND #2, what does me not paying to hunt have to do with knowing about hunting. Ive shot many birds withOUT paying to hunt. Its all in opinion, i will express mine to ACE, thats not you, because he asked a simple question. Leave my opinion alone and I will leave your alone.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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