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No answers here - more questions :

A few people on this site have started talking about access. Some have proposed state funded walk-in access programs like they have implemmented in Montanta and South Dakota.

All good issues and good ideas, but -

Both of these states (SD & MT) have strong no trespass laws that prohibit a hunter from hunting any private land with out permission. North Dakota on the otherhand is wide open.

If the NDG&F begins to "lease" land how do you keep landowners from posting their land do to frustration of not being included.

For example, my neighbor signs a contract with the NDG&F for $XX to let people hunt his land. I get nothing so out of anger/spite/or some other emotion, I shut my once open land to hunting. Net result may be less land overall.

In SD and MT the other land is already shut-off unless you ask permission.

Note that SD attempts to set up these walk-in areas as huge blocks of land. Maybe a section or two or three (less the farmsteads).

Some of the NDG&F PLOT land that has been leased is pretty pathetic. Not sure if they were being reseeded or modified, but I have even encountered some PLOT lands were bare soil in the fall.

On government "leasing" of harvested crop land for decoy hunters:

This idea is pretty tough to pull off. Birds do tend to hit the same fields every fall - so some type of local consulting or scouting reports could help.

When are the contracts with the farmer signed ? in August? What if the farmer that traditionaly placed barley in that "Hot" field went with flax ? What if the farmer put in sunflowers and did not harvest until November ? Money wasted ?

Walk-in land is probably best reserved for pheasant country. The birds typically stay close by.
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Prairie hunter, I will respectfully disagree with your counterpoints about starting a walk-in or land lease program. The State of ND has always lagged behind other states when it comes to implementing land-owner programs. While true, the State is one of only a few that does allow the sportsmen to trespass without permission, it needs to be more proactive in getting the landowners involved. Also, it only takes one legislative vote and ND is just like every other state. Then what?

I will state that I am a full-blooded republican who feels that the govt. should not be involved in matters of regulating private landowners, etc. But lets look at the economics of ND. The state has been trying, unsuccessfully for years to attract any kind of business, economic development for years, while not rallying to save the local farmer/rancher. Go to any small town and look at what is left, a few very successful farmers that are buying up all of the defunct mom and pop farms.

If the ND were to start a land lease program, at least these private landowners would have the choice to participate and have the opportunity to earn some extra income. It is simply their choice. Colorado just started a walk in access program, and to date they have secured over 100,000 acres of land.

To me, 100,000 acres of land is better than zero. Look no further than any WPA and associated uplands, you always see people hunting for upland or waterfowl on these parcels. While not every parcel of land may be ideal for waterfowl, they most likely will provide other hunting opportunities.

I believe it is in the best interest of all sides to give those sportsmen who are willing to pay, an opportunity to participate in a program where the landowners reap some financial benefits. Once you got the landowners involved, then you would also open the door to allow discussions on conservation and restoration opportunities, food plots, tree plantings, etc. After all, the sportsmen is the biggest conservationist of all.
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