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So I read this this little joke on Twitter....

It stated: "What do you call 17 members of congress arrested?" A good start.

Now this goes with the fact that 17 Democratic Members of Congress were "arrested" or "fined" for the protest that went on about Roe v Wade the other day.

Now I will say this that many conservative people are going off on AOC and others "pretending" to be handcuffed. Well I dont think they were trying for that so to speak. But with AOC you never know. Since she has been caught in lies or fabrications before.

Anyways there are bigger things to report on and I dont think any of the conservative media should have said a thing.... Until she or someone else made false claims. Now they all look like vindictive, high school BS, idiots. IMHO.

But to be honest... I liked the joke. I am not singling out one party on this. Because there are many people in congress that should be arrested or kicked out... this goes beyond party lines.

I keep saying that term limits is the way to go on this one. Plus some of the bills talking about how no congress person or immediate family should be able to "play the stock market" while in office. But of course the hogs at the trough wont do anything to hurt them... ie: term limits or the stock market thing.
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