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Hey everyone,
I need to ask ya'll for prayer and some help. I'm national Director of an organization called "A Hunt Above", , and we have three children we are taking hunting in the near future. The prayer is needed because several of the funding sponsors were unable to send donations due to the state of the economy. As of this time, we have everything covered except for about $400 - $500, which will cover the cost of fuel to get the children to the hunting facilities. We are taking a 9 year old girl with a severe nerve disorder hog hunting in Texas in December, and then we have two boys (10 & 11) with Leukemia we are deer hunting with in Mississippi Nov. 18th. We also have a child in North Carolina wanting a deer hunt. If anyone knows of any individual, business, or church that might be interested in making any type of donation (money, hunt, hunting supplies, or volunteering time), we are a Christian based 501c3 non-profit organization, and we can send a donation receipt for taxes, if requested. Also, if anyone has any leads or ideas they could contact me with, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for your prayers and support in this, and I hope that everyone has a safe and successful hunting season.
Mike Macko (601) 594-5288

Checks can be made to A Hunt Above and mailed to:
262 Brown St
West, MS. 39192
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