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Democrat attacks Pelosi for ‘failure of House leadership’ after STOCK Act fizzles, calls for ‘new leaders’ (

Read this article. It talks about how some "house" leaders are delaying this bill.

Now here is a quip from this article.... and just re-read it a few times.

She added that instead of finding consensus, Pelosi and other leaders "chose to ignore these voices, push them aside, and look for new ways they could string the media and the public along."
Now to put this into context. The drafter of this bill is saying that Dem leaders are dragging their feet on this bill. But yet at the same time saying they are for it. Yet not giving it the attention it needs. So again saying one thing and then doing another. BTW... This is a DEM saying this.

So when you see Pelosi saying she is all for this bill.... is she???

This is honestly a great bill and I hope it passes.
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