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a benelli 12 guage nova

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do you think that is right for a 13 year old kid or should i get him somthin less?
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Nah, it should be fine. I started out at 12 with a 3" and within 6 months I had purchased a Nova. I am now well into autos, but to answer the question, no the Nova is not to much for a 13 year old. Remember, you don't HAVE to shoot supermags, but its a good option to have.
thanks for your opinion
i think will buy my boy one of them then
It all depends on the size of the 13 year old! :D

Just make sure the gun fits him. It can be a little big for him (he'll obviously be growing into it), but you don't want to start him out on a gun that's so big he can't even shoulder properly. It'll just make it that much tougher for him to hit with it.
I like the browning,Ithaca, and 870 pumps better than the Nova.

I really like Ithaca.

as far as 12 ga just start him with lower velosity shells and he will be fine.

How big is your boy?
how much is those other guns you named?
140 pounds

starts on varsity football full back
If your son will be doing as much pheasant hunting as waterfowl I would go with Ithaca M37 it is the lightest 12 ga pump the regular is 6 ¾ pounds.

What do they cost it depends if you want 3 or 3 ½ inch shooting.

A new Ithaca or 870 wingmaster will cost you 450-550 new and a used one will be 200-375.

A 870 express new I think are around 275-300 new and a new browning bps is 375-475. I think browning is offering a rebate go to and look at Brownings site.

A used gun is not always a bad way to go, This time of year you have plenty of time to check websites and used gun stores or gun shows. To be honest I have never bought a gun new always seem to find what I like used. A lot of used guns in Denver.

You son will most likely have this gun for a long time so shop around, a lot of guys like the nova but it just feels cheep to me. Your son is plenty big to shoot a 12 ga how old is he ? What do you shoot and what is he shooting now??

I shoot wingmasters and Ithaca my brother shoots Browning BPS and Ithaca.

Good luck
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I was 10 when I started on a 12 guage. When I was that young I stuck with the 2.75 in shells, but as I grew I stepped up to the 3 in. I have never seen an advantage to the 3.5 yet.
sicne my son starts football, i think i might get hime a 10 gauge and only shott 3 inches
They dont make a 3in 10 gauge its only 3.5in, so go with a 12. Plus swinging those hogs can really be a pain in the butt for a beginner.
he isnt a beginner
hes big brother is though
i think i will give the big bro the 20 guage and give the little on a 10 guage 3.5 then
i will taake the nova
I wouldn't recommend putting him on a ten yet. IMHO a ten gauge is a tool for hunting geese and turkeys. While I do shoot ducks with my ten. If I am going for ducks specifically I always choose my 12ga. Geese are not as likely to make fast movements and swinging a big gun on fast flying ducks is tough.
If you plan on getting a 10 I would get an auto. While recoil is less, (I can handle heavy recoil). The real gain in an auto comes in the second and third shots. An auto eats up recoil enough to keep the gun from jumping around on your shoulder. Most important to me when I shoot is keeping proper gun fit. The gun has to stay in place. If your gun is mounted wrong it won't matter how good of a shot you are, it isn't going to work.

I love 870 wingmasters. I can't say enough good things about these guns. I have two, one 20 and one 12. I know alot of guys like Novas but in my opinion they are junk. Like someone said before they feel so cheap. They may be mechanically reliable (debatable). They have the worst balance of any gun I've picked up. A shotgun should be an extension of your body. Although you could hammer in fence posts with them.
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but he starts for football though
and big bro is a nerd
Well dont listen to to him then he doesnt know anything, he has been shooting is 10 gauge for a long time. Suite yourself, if he only hunts ducks he will be ######!!! You cant swing a 10 gauge on a mallard, trust me.!! common sence
i got a really light 10
as light as the ol' 20 guage
The Ithaca only comes in 3".

You can swing a 10 on a mallard, and other larger puddlers, but divers and teal will show you a thing or two with a 10 lb beast in your hands.

Unless your son is used to the recoil of a 10, I wouldn't do it. I am around 6' 3", 185# and my BPS 10 kicks like a mofo. Not bruises or anything but I can definately feel it when I pull the trigger. An auto would be lighter on recoil. I don't know what kind of gun you have?? Auto, Pump, One of those old Bolt actions???

The 12 will be alot more enjoyable for anything, you are limiting him to geese or pay the price on ammo with the 10. You can't hunt pheasants or upland with it, and the cheapest box of shells you will find is going to be 14.99.

Get a 12, it's a smarter choice. If he wants a 10 have him save up and pick one up on the side, the 10 is a specialty tool. It's kinda like a mini-van and a corvette . One is for everyday use, one is for times when you really need the "goose" behind ya. :D
you must be really week
i dont hav e ithaca
i got a browning
it is 8 punds
it dont kick that much
Just letting you know in-case you were considering one. Thanks for the insult, I probably am weak. :)

Direct From Browning:

BPS 10 Gauge

Item Number / Ga / Brl Length / Weight

012227113. . . .10. . . . 28". . . . .10.56 lb
012227114. . . .10. . . . 26". . . . .10.38 lb
012227115. . . .10. . . . 24". . . . .10.19 lb

Gold 10 Gauge:

Item Number / Ga / Brl Length / Weight

011114113. . . .10. . . . 28". . . . . . 9.63 lb
011114114. . . .10. . . . 26". . . . . . 9.44 lb

Esentially you don't know what you're talking about. I was just trying to help you out, but it appears you don't really give a ****. Give him the 10 gauge then, why'd you even ask? :withstupid:
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i get mine cutosm built with browning parts
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