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Any suggestions?
For many years i've mostly bought the bullets and sabots separately. My favorite pistol bullet is the excellent Hornady 240 grain .430 XTP. That bullet has killed about 25 deer and a couple hundred wild hogs for me. The sabot i presently use with that bullet is the Harvester crush rib.

There are other excellent .44 caliber and .45 caliber handgun bullets that are very effective when fired from a muzzleloader. Stay away from bullets designed for the .45 model 1911. They often fragment at muzzleloader velocities.

Sabots are manufactured by two US comapnies: ... 1&Itemid=3

You will need to find a bullet sabot combination that fits the bore of your particular gun: Some guns have tighter bores than others. You want a bullet/sabot combination that requires some effort to load but not an undue amount of effort. My advice:
Buy some Harvester crush rib sabots in the appropriate caliber. Also buy some MMP HPH/12 and HPH/24 MMP sabots and give them a try in your gun.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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