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Anyone interested in ordering Tree tubes for their plantings I highly suggest using these, and these are a GREAT price!!! I used these last year, and thought they hold up better, and are easier to install compared to the Miracle Tubes, which I also installed.

This is the best price I've found yet, and have ordered more for myself. Just a heads up to anyone else interested in protecting their trees from deer!!!

I believe with shipping I paid about $2.38 per tube. I use 3/8" rebar for stakes, and I get them for around $1 per 5' stick. With these you can use a 5' stake for a 5' tube. With Miracle Tubes you need a 6' stake with a 5' tube. FYI! My local SCD charges over $4 for a 4' tube/stake. My SCD back home charges $6.50 for a 5' tube/stake. (Bamboo stakes) they rot after couple years

Enjoy, spring will be here before we know it!

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