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4 Wheeler for setting decoy spreads

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We're bringing a trailer full of decoys out from PA in October, and I was wondering if it would be helpful to bring a 4-wheeler and cart along too. We have room in the trailer for it.

Would that be helpful for hauling decoys out to the field if it's wet or the landowner doesn't want us driving in his fields, or if it's too wet for the truck would it be too wet for the 4 wheeler too?

Do any of you guys use them?

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Kirk, If you have one and have got the room, bring it. Last year we ran into a couple of landowners who didn't want us driving our truck out in the fields, without a four wheeler we wouldn't have been able to hunt or would have had to lug our decoys out there. And it was dry! Just remember, no driving them on WPAs or other public land. If its wet, get the landowners permission even if its unposted! You can really tear up a field with one of them things!! Good Luck this fall!
4-wheelers are real nice...but if it's dry out it's a waste to haul. But off course if you leave it at home it'll probably rain a couple inches. ;)

Doesn't hurt to bring it. It can save you plenty of walking in some situations.
if you do have a 4 wheeler bring it up, cause some of the places can be a pain to try and haul your decoys in and out. but first of all get the farmers permission, even if it is not posted.
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