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300 Winchester Short Magnum

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I guess I am the first one here. Has anyone tried the new 300 WSM? A buddy of mine just got one and I am wodering if anyone has an opinion on the cartridge or a load for it.
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I haven't seen one or heard any reports on it yet. What does he plan on using it on? Doug
Is he going to be shooting hand loads or factory ammunition?
Madison, your saying that there is a difference between the 30-30 brush gun and the big booming 300?
I'm assuming it's a bolt action? What size bullets you shooting through that for the MN whitetails?
That's were I grew up at. I've been out in ND for 6 years now. I actually shoot a BROWNING 30-06 Auto. I shoot 165gr nosler blastic tips w/ 50 grains of IMR 4064 pushing it. I have also had good luck with the 150gr Hornady boatails. I haven't hunted whitetails in MN since 97'. I'm going up there this next season. That is if the ducks and geese are outa here.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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