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Now what???
The house vote was 47-45 for with 2 absent.
It required 48 to pass.
One Rep wanted to change his vote but was not allowed to.
Will it be brought back???

3 cheers for Rep Nelson...He spoke for the bill.

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I just heard from my rep. Alon Wieland. I have been in touch with him an awful lot since he wasn't sure where he was going to vote.(he ended up voting yes!!!). He said it will come up again tommorrow since two were absent.

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Here is the roll call vote:
SB 2048 Passed in the HOUSE
Totals: Yea 47 Nay 45 Absent 2 Excused 0

YEA Aarsvold NAY Amerman NAY Bellew
ABS Belter YEA Berg YEA Bernstein
YEA Boe YEA Boehning YEA Boucher
NAY Brusegaard YEA Carlisle YEA Carlson
YEA Clark NAY DeKrey YEA Delmore
NAY Delzer NAY Devlin YEA Dosch
NAY Drovdal YEA Eckre NAY Ekstrom
NAY Froelich NAY Froseth NAY Galvin
YEA Glassheim YEA Grande NAY Grosz
NAY Gulleson NAY Haas YEA Hanson
YEA Hawken NAY Headland NAY Herbel
NAY Hunskor NAY Iverson YEA Johnson, D.
NAY Johnson, N. YEA Kasper NAY Keiser
YEA Kelsch, R. YEA Kelsh, S. NAY Kempenich
YEA Kerzman NAY Kingsbury NAY Klein, F.
NAY Klein, M. NAY Klemin YEA Koppelman
NAY Kreidt YEA Kretschmar YEA Kroeber
YEA Maragos NAY Martinson YEA Meier
YEA Metcalf NAY Monson YEA Mueller
YEA Nelson YEA Nicholas YEA Niemeier
YEA Norland YEA Nottestad ABS Onstad
YEA Pietsch NAY Pollert YEA Porter
YEA Potter YEA Price NAY Rennerfeldt
NAY Ruby NAY Sandvig NAY Schmidt
NAY Severson NAY Sitte NAY Skarphol
YEA Solberg YEA Svedjan NAY Thoreson
YEA Thorpe NAY Tieman YEA Timm
NAY Uglem NAY Wald NAY Warner
YEA Warnke YEA Weiler NAY Weisz
NAY Wentz YEA Wieland NAY Wikenheiser
YEA Williams YEA Winrich NAY Wrangham
YEA Zaiser

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Blair, Ron;

Thanks for the pledge to set things right.


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I was listening today & it is about as Bad as Being a Sioux Hockey fan :eek: :roll: Nothing like waiting till the last second to win or lose.

Thanks to all the Reps that are here & reading & hopefully understand how important this is to us - Sure it was not a ideal Bill (especially as ammended) But it is a good starting point & could be a very good Bill - Thanks for trying to keep it alive.

I don't know how you folks can take the ups & downs of all this??? This is the 1st time I have followed & participated in this level of Government. I got to say say, it is weird & amazing - that generally the cream can rise to the top in such a system :-?
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