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Agreed on Mauer... You also forgot he still sits out about every 4th game. Now that is ridiculous.

I like Mauer and he is the MN born and raised golden child who stays with the hometown team. I would like to see him succeed but agree he needs to put up some power numbers.....if not HR's it needs to be RBI's. I mean he still goes 1 for 3 but he gets his hit with nobody on base. Heck yesterday him and dozier both struck out with runners in scoring position. Then Plouffee gets the two out hit. Only reason why I mentioned Doizer is because he is our leader on the team with Hr'

But it is fun to watch this young team. Now hopefully the hitting can keep happening and the pitching is starting to come around. If we stay above .500 puts us right in line for a wild card position.... but yet there is 120 games left in the season....LOL
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