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2003 Spring Migration

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Looks like it's just starting to get underway! Even though we won't see them for what'll seem's fun trying to figure out their every move.

I'd say S. Nebraska and N. Missouri will get some decent flights this weekend. Either way, the wild goose chase is starting...yeehaw!
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Ya, it's still pretty early, but than again it was nice enough where most birds didn't leave until recently in some parts. It sounds to me from the reports I'm reading that the first scout flights are moving it just depends on the weather.

Where are you headed this spring Perry?
I don't think SD will see huntable numbers for weeks. They are seeing the very tip of the migration in NE...going to take awhile for all the birds to catch up.

Thanks for the Nebraska update. It's important to keep an eye as the birds enter/leave the Rainwater Basin. They can make a lot of tracks north after that.
I've read reports that there's already a few thousand on the west end of the basin. Boy are they early....but then again....mother nature can take care of that quick.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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