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2003 Spring Migration

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Looks like it's just starting to get underway! Even though we won't see them for what'll seem's fun trying to figure out their every move.

I'd say S. Nebraska and N. Missouri will get some decent flights this weekend. Either way, the wild goose chase is starting...yeehaw!
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I live in Omaha and have been checking with alot of guys in the basin and south. Quite a few birds didn't even migrate south of nebraska this year.Last week there was a report of about 10,000 snows down at harlan county,and desoto bend had a few thousand until late january.There has been reports of a few "scout" flocks in the extreme southeast part of the state.There is still alot of ice on the lakes around omaha and the platte river is all iced up except for the channel.Still alot of ice on the missouri river,we don't have much snow left on the ground here and probably none a little farther west.I checked with missouri and they haven't seen very many at squaw creek yet,and the lake still had ice on it.
I'm going to missouri in 2 weeks to hunt and the guy I'm going with said that they have had birds all winter.They shot 32 last weekend and said they decoyed pretty well.
I would say that the basin has 2 weeks or so until birds start showing up in good numbers if the weather continues to warm up.
Good luck this season,
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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